About Me

Who am I

Saransh Jain
Date of Birth
4 May 1996

My Cover Letter gives only a glimpse of me...

Engineering makes you realize your real passion. Isn’t it? But I actually marked a debut in startup ecosystem right from my first year of graduation. My story started with SJ kitchen and currently working on my dream project BookFlow while being a Co-Founder of  OnPlay news.

Backlogs in engineering couldn’t stop me from achieving a fame in my work. I have seen more downfall than success and this is what I use as pride badge for myself. I do not regret not enjoying college life but have used every moment to gain experience. Scroll to know more about me in deep.

Nothing can Substitute my Experience!

Yes, I have taken risks and gained


SJ Kitchen
Founder, 2015-2016

Single handily, did massive sales of 18 lacs in just one year. I can say I was rich in the reign of SJ Kitchen. It was hard managing everything i.e. inventory, order process, delivery, sales, accounts, promotion, technical side etc, but I enjoyed. It was simply not impossible. I experienced much much in 1.5-year span of SJ. Due to lack of knowledge of taxes and working alongside with college(result down) led me to shut it.

Founder, 2016-Present

I currently or side-by work on BookFlow, an online books classifieds. I lead on the technical side, front-end design stuff and almost anything on core site. Other than these managing sales, raising promotions, leading a team in short some part in every members part. But I love what I do.

Onplay News
Co-Founder, 2017-2018

It is India’s first news and information portal exclusively for digital content, brings to you all the latest updates, trending stories, interviews, reviews and next releases of your favorite Web series or YouTube stars! As a Co-Founder here, I used to develop/manage portal, manage team and gave inputs in other initiatives

Wordpress Baker
Live Websites

Achieved 4+ year experience in WordPress. I have done many serious projects plus hundreds of demo website to test different themes and plugins. Doing this, I am having good knowledge of suitable themes and plugins for specific project.

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Miles to go before...

The journey of thousand miles

Degree Receive

Aug 2014 to May 2018

Pursued Information Technology in Bachelor of Engineering from SVIT, Vasad.

Received Degree

June 2013 to May 2014

Did my H.S.C from Shree Ambe Vidyalaya, Vadodara school.

Received Degree

June 2011 to May 2012

Did my S.S.C from Shree Ambe Vidyalaya, Vadodara school.







Creativity in Execution

My Key Strength

A Startup is about not limiting yourself to a single or specific task. That’s why working with Startup helped me to grow my various skills.

I am generally strong in management/development, finance and decision taking part. What engineering has taught me is not deep coding, but to figure out whats wrong or right.

Business Development 70%
Decision Power 75%
Management 60%
Analysing 90%
Wordpress 80%
Check LinkedIn for more..
Check LinkedIn for more..

Area of Interests

My Interests

First Love
I always love playing cricket. It is hard to take time out for cricket now, but whenever I can, I definitely have a game. And Yes, MS Dhoni is lub.
As mentioned above, I do spend my free time on testing different WordPress theme and plugins. I also try custom code in wp core to test different changes.
Bathroom Singer
I used to sing or hum a song. Singing a song always accelerates me while working. I am not great by voice, but few love listening to me.